United Star Force™



The mission of the United Star Force™ is to protect, police and prevail in near Earth space and across the colonies of the Solar System.

To achieve that mission, the United Star Force™ has a vision of
Readiness, Influence and Force. That vision orbits around core capabilities: developing human forces, technology for offense / defense and for integration of operations. These core competencies make our distinctive skills possible:

Space Superiority
With it, forces can dominate enemy operations in all combat theaters - land, sea, air and space.

Solar System Response
Because of technological advances, the United Star Force can respond anywhere, anytime and do so with the greatest haste and precision.

Rapid Mobility
Being able to react demonstrably anywhere we’re needed is key to maintaining the Solar System’s operational stability.

Pinpoint Accuracy
The capability to apply decisive strength against selected targets ensures that future situations will be decided quickly and reliably with minimal civilian risk and unintended damage.

Data Processing Superiority
The ability of force commanders to assimilate data and effectively utilize it in a campaign plan is critical.

Responsive Combat Support
Placement and endurance are interconnected and crucial. Responsive combat support applies to all forces, from those on moon and asteroid bases to temporary buildups to reconnaissance and rescue forces.